2-1705 Brake Unit


Brake Unit

Aircraft Platform

Airbus A340-500/600


Goodrich, Safran, UTC Aerospace Systems, Messier, Collins Aerospace


Carbon Brake

Services Offered

  • 2-1705 Brake Heat Pack Replacement
  • 2-1705 Brake Overhaul
  • 2-1705 Brake Top Housing Overhaul
  • 2-1705 Brake Torque Tube Overhaul
  • 2-1705 Per Shop Visit Maintenance
  • 2-1705 Brake Cost Per Landing CPAL
  • 2-1705 Brake Part Sales
  • 2-1705 Brake Exchange
  • 2-1705 Brake Loan
  • 2-1705 Brake Consignment
  • 2-1705 Brake Pooling

Other Brakes Available

2613772-6, 7HONEYWELL
2-1663, -2, -3GOODRICH / SAFRAN

2-1705 Brake Unit

2-1705 Top Housing

Rotable Repairs has worked with the international aerospace industry to offer value and cost-effective solutions for Airbus A340-500/600 on Goodrich 2-1705 carbon brake unit within a time frame that is suitable for your operation.

2-1705 brake unit maintenance, heatpack replacements, repair, overhaul, and cost per aircraft landings CPAL’s are carried out at our 49,000 sqft facility. Our inhouse workshops just outside London are EASA Part 145, FAA Part 145 and TCCA Transport Canada approved.

Both Rotable Repairs and Watts Aviation are part of the Desser Aerospace Group, Watts Aviation is a leading specialist in supplying aircraft tyres for Airbus A340-500/600 operators and many other fleet types.

Airbus A340-500, A340-600

Wheels DAP00076-01, DAP00077-01, 3-1628, 3-1628OPT1,3-1628OPT2, 3-1628-1, 3-1628-1OPT1,3-1628-1OPT2, 3-1628-2, 3-1628-2OPT1, 3-1628-2OPT2, 3-1628-2T1, 3-1628-2T2, 3-1639OPT1, 3-1639OPT2, 3-1639-1OPT1, 3-1639-1OPT2, 3-1639-1T1, 3-1639-1T2, 2614121-2
Brakes 2613772-6, 2613772-7, 2-1663, 2-1663-2, 2-1663-3, 2-1705, 2-1705OPT1, 2-1705OPT2
Tyres / Tires M14001-01, APR06912, M16004, APR06800
Tyre / Tire Sizes 45X18.0R17, 1400x530R23

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